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In California, family courts will focus on the well-being and best interests of the child when making decisions in child custody cases. Although this generally means that, in many cases, the courts will do their best to split child custody between the parents, there may be some factors and circumstances that can affect this determination.

Namely, when working out child custody agreements, the following are just some of the factors that will usually be taken into consideration:

  • The criminal records and/history of both parents
  • Possible addiction issues either parent may have
  • Possible mental health issues either parent may have
  • Any possible history of abuse or neglect associated with either parent.

Regardless of whether any of these circumstances apply to your situation, having an experienced family law attorney on your side to represent your rights and interests will be crucial to obtaining a favorable resolution to your case.

Attorney Gemma V. Reyes, an experienced San Jose child custody lawyer, has been successfully representing people facing child custody matters for more than a decade. She is skilled at effectively presenting her clients’ cases, helping them look past personal conflicts that may drag out their divorce cases and ultimately assisting them in working out custody agreements that promote the well-being of their children.

Modifications of Child Custody Agreements

Although favorable child custody agreements may be worked out as part of the divorce process, months or years down the line, circumstances for either parent can change, and modifications to the child custody agreement may need to be made. Some of the specific circumstances that may warrant modifications of child custody agreements can include (but are not necessarily limited to) one or both parents:

  • Having their work schedules changed
  • Moving (either closer to the other parent or outside of the area where the child goes to school/has had his life established)
  • Having developed addiction issues or other impairments that may be affecting their ability to be a responsible parent.

It’s important to point out that you should not simply stop abiding by your custody agreement if any of the above (or other) circumstances arise. Instead, it will be critical that you go through the proper legal channels to modify custody agreements so you don’t do anything that could inadvertently affect your parental rights or put you at risk of facing serious legal penalties.

Divorce and Child Custody Issues

Whether you are preparing for or going through a divorce, there will be a number of sensitive, important issues that will need to be resolved, including matters related to child custody. What you need during this process are honest answers and accurate information from an experienced professional who will be dedicated to helping you resolve your case as favorably, efficiently and discretely as possible. You need a skilled attorney who will be responsive to your concerns, who will tell you the complete truth about your options and who will oversee your case at every stage of the given legal matter.

Gemma V. Reyes, our San Jose child custody lawyer, represents people in California who are trying to work out or alter existing child custody agreements. Our trusted attorney is vastly knowledgeable about California family law and is proficient at helping her clients get the best possible outcomes to their cases.

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