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A Rational Approach to Divorce and the Division of Property

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For many of our clients considering divorce, especially younger couples with children, there are two primary concerns: Dividing property and coming up with a workable child custody and child support arrangement. Even after the divorce papers are signed, you and your spouse will still be linked by your children, and perhaps by your debt. Resolving these things the right way can save time, hassle and upset in the future.

At Gemma V. Reyes, Attorney at Law, we take a straightforward approach to these issues. We offer honest answers, accurate information and a voice of reason in an emotional situation. Whether you have already decided to divorce or are considering your options — such as legal separation or annulment — we encourage you to contact us today and schedule an informative consultation with an experienced California divorce and family law attorney.

Division of Property, Assets and Debt in Divorce

Obtaining a fair and equitable property settlement in divorce can be crucial to laying the foundation for your future. Unfortunately, when emotions run high, it can be difficult to separate personal conflicts from practical concerns.

What is sometimes needed is a reality check. An experienced lawyer can sit down with you, help you prioritize your needs and ensure that what you are asking for in the division of property is a goal that can and should be achieved.

In today's economy — when the division of debt is an increasingly important factor in many divorces — it can be critical to enlist the help of an attorney who can work to ensure that your new life is not burdened by an unfair share of marital debt. We can help.

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