Paternity Testing When Father Is in Question

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California paternity laws, California paternity attorneyWhile there is usually no question in regards to the identity of a child’s mother, the same is not always true of the father. Whether the biological father is unknown at the time of pregnancy, or the father shows up years later, a mother may wish to have a DNA test performed to find out who the child’s father is. Genetic paternity testing of a man’s DNA and the child’s DNA can reveal if the two are father and child.

How Paternity Testing Works

Half of a child’s DNA comes from their mother, and half comes from the father. A DNA test can reveal whether the father in question is truly the father or not. The process begins with a cheek swab from the inside of the alleged father’s mouth, as well as the child’s mouth. The DNA fingerprint of each is then profiled, with an accuracy of 99.99 percent. A paternity test can also be done while the mother is still pregnant with the child through blood analysis or more invasive measures by sampling the placental tissue.

Child Support and Paternity Testing

Acquiring child support can be incredibly difficult. In fact, many single custodial parents are unable to acquire the support they are owed by the other parent, which not only creates a tremendous amount of stress, but also leaves the single parent to pay the bills alone. If an alleged father denies that he is the father of the child in question, a mother can order a paternity suit to reveal if he is or is not the father. If the father refuses to have the test completed or does not respond to the court order, he may be held responsible for paying child support or he may be tracked down. The Federal Parent Locator Service, of the Office of Child Support Enforcement, can be used to track down parents who are out of state or disappear.

One third of children live in a single parent household, and only half of children receive the complete amount of the child support they are owed. The goal of the Office of Child Support Enforcement is to “ensure that children receive financial and emotional support from both parents.” This means that the Federal Parent Locator Service attempts to track down parents or alleged parents to ensure that they comply with paternity tests, pay the full amount of child support they owe, and assist with other federal agencies with fraud and over-payment investigations.

San Jose Child Custody, Child Support, and Paternity Issues Attorney

Mothers, fathers, and other relatives all have varying reasons for wanting to carry out paternity tests. A father may wish to have partial custody, a mother may wish to acquire child support from an absentee father, or grandparents may wish to take custody over an alleged father, whom they believe to be unrelated to the child. If you would like to discuss filing a paternity test suit, are having difficulties receiving child support, or the other parent is attempting to take full custody, contact skilled San Jose family law attorney Gemma V. Reyes today at 408-292-6289.



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