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California divorce attorneyWhile it is ideal for children to see their parents in person, there are a lot of changing circumstances to a child visitation schedule that can prohibit physical contact. The children may travel with one parent for an extended summer vacation, one spouse may relocate for a job, or a child’s day may be too busy with school and sports to travel between homes. In these circumstances it may be useful for parents to take advantage of electronic communications to connect with their children on a regular basis. If you or your former spouse are looking to make changes in your parenting plan or are trying to incorporate virtual visitation into your scheduling, contact an experienced San Jose child custody and visitation lawyer to learn more. We will assist you throughout each step of your case.

Types of Electronic Communication

One of the most common devices used to communicate virtually is the cell phone. According to the CTIA Wireless Foundation, 38 percent of children who are two or younger have used a cell phone to access media. Even if a child is young, they can still engage with an absent parent via electronic devices with the help of an adult. Children can also connect with parents on tablets, computers, video gaming systems, and more. Communication can include:

  • Speaking on the phone or with a program such as Skype;
  • Sending text messages or messages via Facebook or Google Chat;
  • Sharing information on social media sites or blogs; and
  • Participating in multi-player video games together.

Schedule Virtual Child Visitation

The court may order what type electronic communications can be used in virtual visitation and which parent is responsible for paying the costs of internet or devices. It will be up to the parents to determine how to schedule all of the logistics involved in virtual visitation.

Why Would I Be Denied Visitation?

If the court determines that, somehow, you would be a poor influence on your child or harm their emotional or educational development, you could be denied virtual visitation rights. If you have a poor relationship with the child’s other parent, they may try to use past examples, or fabricate stories, that would harm your reputation.

Learn More by Contacting a San Jose Child Custody and Visitation Attorney

According to a 2015 Time Magazine article, fewer than 20 percent of kids whose parents are divorced live in joint-custody arrangements. While location may make joint-custody challenging, children can still benefit from the emotional support of both parents if they are allowed to communicate with one parent virtually. For more information, and to set up a free initial consultation with one of our experienced San Jose child custody attorneys, contact the law offices of Gema V. Reyes today.




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