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Reproductive rights are currently, as always in the past few decades, a point of controversy. Abortion is the most hotly contested reproductive right, while issues of the rights to contraception and sex education are also fought fiercely against by various religious groups. As an adult, as a parent, or as a minor, understanding these reproductive rights is an important aspect of family law that a San Jose attorney can help you to better understand.

Women’s Rights to Medical Services and Her Own Medical Choices

Under Roe v. Wade, it is a federal right to be able to terminate a pregnancy by getting an abortion, to have access to reproductive health services, to have access to contraceptives, and do not have these right interfered with by politicians. Patients also have the right to get pregnant, plan a family, raise their children, and the right to privacy (confidentiality with their physician). As such, a patient can keep a pregnancy test secret, as well as any other medical procedures they have done.

A Minor’s Rights to Reproductive Care in California

Many minors are not aware of their reproductive rights. Just like an adult, a California minor has the right to the following services regardless of their age, according to the Northern California American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU):

  • Birth control and emergency contraception;
  • Testing and treatment for STIs/STDs, including HIV and AIDS;
  • Pregnancy testing and prenatal care; and
  • Abortion services.

Furthermore, a minor (any person under the age of 18) does not need permission from a parent, partner, doctor, or any other adult or minor to have access to these services. Attending a clinic that provides these services, such as Planned Parenthood, is strictly confidential between the minor and the physician unless the minor gives permission for the physician to tell another.

Men’s Reproductive Rights

Men, like women, also have the right to STI testing, contraception, and other reproductive health services. Men, however, do not have the right to order their partner to either get an abortion or deny their partner from having an abortion. While men have the right to persuade their partner or argue against their partner’s wishes, they cannot use coercion, threats, or force to get their way.

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